Financial Services Professionals – The Basics

Financial Services Professionals (FSP) is an upstanding organization that devotes itself to ensuring that financial professionals receive the necessary tools and resources to serve their clients in a manner that is empowering and even life-changing. John Labunski, a prominent financial advisor who founded his own company, LWA Fund Advisors, and serves as a founding partner of Lincoln Wealth Strategies, is a proud member of FSP. He deeply believes in the organization as a fantastic educational tool that furthers knowledge, brings like-minded people together, and provides opportunities for people to deepen and grow in their careers. He is particularly proud to be a member of an organization that clearly provides an open and nurturing community for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. He believes that it is incredibly important to understand your clients as whole people and recognize that these various life paths weave the tapestry of our society. He is thrilled to share the organization’s diversity statement, which is as follows:

John Labunski

John Labunski

“The Society of Financial Service Professionals is committed to creating and nurturing a diverse community for financial service professionals. We recognize that diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, and practice specialty will strengthen our ability to honor our core values of educations, ethics, and relationships.

Through its Diversity Advisory Group, the Society of FSP is identifying strategies and adopting policies to support the growing diversity of our membership. Benefit offerings, relationship-building, and leadership opportunities are developed with the objective of fostering inclusiveness and to help each individual member understand and meet the needs of the diverse clients they have.”

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