Preparing for Your Future – Saving for Your Retirement as a Young Adult

By beginning to plan for retirement in your early twenties, you are already paving the way for a successful future. Many young people are unaware of the fact that saving whatever you can, even if it’s a mere 5% of your monthly income, can grow over time. The simple act of putting away a little each month enforces the habit, and as you continue to get older, the percentage of what you put away will increase. But for now, beginning to save for your retirement fund has the potential to make all the difference as you move through your career.

John Labunski

John Labunski

John Labunski, a highly respected conservative radio talk show host for 911 Wealth and Retirement Wealth Radio, has had a long history of success in his career. He attributes a great deal of his personal success to the fact that he began saving as a young man in his twenties. He recommends that young twenty-something adults begin to plan their retirement by considering the following:

1. Decide on a set amount of money each month to put away. In your early 20’s, 10% is an agreed excellent savings amount unless you can afford more.
2. Take advantage of 401(k) offerings from your employer. Don’t wait to be automatically enrolled, and always contribute as much as your employer will match.
3. As a young person, put any additional savings into a Roth IRA. Roth IRA withdrawals are tax-free if you wait to withdraw until retirement age. As you become older and become interested in seeking out additional investment plans, meet with a financial advisor to ensure that your savings and accumulated wealth will be protected at all costs.


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