John Labunski – Changing Lives in America

John Labunski is a financial services professional who has helped changed the lives of the American public. John is based in Texas and studied mathematics and engineering in college. He graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and worked for P&H Harnischfeger, where he started as an Engineer and rose to the post of President.

John Labunski

John Labunski

During his time at P&H Harnischfeger, John helped the company considerable revenue, as well as millions for many investors. He also worked on a $100 million acquisition with Goldman Sachs before retiring from the corporate World in 2000.  The bad news, that was the advent of market volatility in the US due to the dot com crash.  Many learned huge lessons in 2000 and 2001 but none more than John Labunski.  Those lessons started his search for a better way to invest for those conservative Americans nearing retirement or retired…the most vulnerable years!

Formerly the co-host of Retirement Wealth Talk Radio, John Labunski is currently the popular co-host. His program airs nationwide and has helped several hundred people make educated decisions regarding retirement investment. John and iconic co-host Michelle Wright discuss topics of interest such as retirement investment, estate planning, college funding, tax strategies and lifestyle protection.

John shares his conservative views on finance and investment to a nationwide audience and helps his audience and clients make informed decisions on retirement tax strategies. His former show, Retirement Wealth Talk Radio, ran for over ten years, consisted of a one-hour weekly radio talk show, and helped listeners use “safe money” investing principles, an idea he established and that is now one of the most popular talk radio formats in the country.

John is a Certified Background Checked Member of the National Ethics Association, and an active member of various charitable and financial organizations.

John Labunski brings his unique style of comedic insight into his program and discusses the “hot” and “not so hot” topics affecting the country. The program is unlike the other financial radio programs. His discussions with Michelle Wright on the talk show are unique practical, insightful and comedic, which has made it a very popular wealth management talk radio show in the United States.